Catchin’ Up on Chloe

Several years ago when I first began learning about blogs and “blogging,” I was totally disinterested.  Did not care one bit about starting a blog and just didn’t think I had the time.  The main reason I didn’t blog was because I didn’t think anyone would care to read it except me, Matt, and Chloe and Cole’s grandparents.  And, I’m sure that’s all that really reads it anyhow, but that’s okay.  That’s not why I blog.  I blog because my neighbor showed me how she turns her blog into a book every year.  Then, I was sold.  I started blogging.  At the beginning of this year, it took me three weeks to convert my blog from last year into a book (but I was extra picky wanting every page to look different than the page before), and it was three full weeks of ignoring my house, my grocery list, and at times, my kids.  But when I received the published version in the mail, it was all worth it.  My “Kizer Kiddos” book puts all of my picture albums and baby books to shame.  It’s a much more detailed journal of our day-to-day life as well as all the milestones and major events all mixed in.  And boy…. did I ever pick the right year to start blogging!!  I had to idea what I was getting into last year when I started.  What a crazy year it was!

Blogging to me is a lot like laundry.  It’s one of those chores that is never done.  Because as soon as you get caught up, there’s more waiting on you.  More to do.  And it’s very time consuming.  Sometimes I dread it, but sometimes it’s not so bad, almost fun.  However, blogging is much more therapeutic and has a much better reward than a stack of folded clothes.  And I really think (and hope) that one day my children will enjoy the hours upon hours that I’ve spent chronicling their lives.

With all that said, I’ve seriously neglected some funny Chloe stuff.  I’ve been keeping a list of things I wanted to remember that she said, but….  ugh…  I lost the list.  Imagine that.  I have remembered some things and started a new list, but darn it!  I wish I could find the older, bigger list.  Oh well.

This dates back almost one year.  Probably exactly one year ago to the day.  Chloe all of a sudden developed a terrible stutter.  Mom and Dad were living here at the time, and Mom was very worried, so that made me worry more.  Chloe would get stuck on a word, and it would take her 4 or 5 seconds (sometimes much longer) to get the word out.  I know that doesn’t seem like a lot of time, but just count to five and see how long it feels.  I researched (just on the internet) about toddler stuttering and got very conflicting reviews.  Get help, don’t get help, see a professional, give it time, and so on.  But how lucky am I?  My best friend in the whole wide world, Carrie, is a speech therapist for special needs preschoolers!  She probably should have charged me with all the questions I kept asking her and with all the techniques she gave me to use.  Basically, Carrie explained it was completely normal and Chloe should outgrow it.  It could come and go (which it did, several times), and if it continues for longer than a year, we should probably look into getting some help.  My mom’s and my main concern was that stuttering could be caused by a traumatic event or high stress.  And what do you know…. we were going through something VERY traumatic and VERY stressful at the time with Dad.    Carrie said that was just coincidental.  Chloe was very guarded of what was going on with Dad at the time, and she slept through the entire night of Dad’s seizure with the ambulances and fire trucks and EMTs running in and out of the house and taking Dad out on a stretcher (thank goodness!).  Now, here we are a year later, and you would never suspect that Chloe was ever a stutter-er.    Good thing I had Carrie around!

And here are just some funny things I’ve remembered that Chloe has said (in the past year…. I will do better about keeping up with this!)

Chloe was learning that Daddy’s name is “Matt” and Mommy’s name is “Auburn.”  She caught onto “Matt” really quickly, but she had a hard time saying my name.  It would always come out “Ah-Vun.”  She sounded like a Russian!

We were talking about God one day, and I was telling her that God loved her.  She quickly let me know that, “Everyone loves me!”

Chloe was playing with a toy, and Cole kept trying to take the toy from her.  She finally got up and moved away from him, but he chased her.  She was holding the toy as high as she could, and he was trying to reach up and grab the toy.  When she had had enough, she looked at him and yelled, “Cole!  You are wearing me out!”  Hmmm…. wonder where she has heard that???

I’ve written several times about getting reports from school about Chloe being bossy and not eating her lunch at school.  Matt and I had really been talking to her about it, and one day in particular before taking her to school, Matt and I sat her down.  We talked about the importance of eating her “growing” food at lunch and about being kind (not bossy) to others.  We really felt like we made some progress with her that morning.  Well, I picked her up that afternoon and got the same report.  I talked to her about it on the way home and how we were going to have to show Daddy her folder.  We pulled up in the driveway, and very quietly she said, “Ughh!  My daddy’s gonna be so much mad at me.”  It took everything I had not to laugh.

Every time I get off the phone, Chloe has to know who I was talking to (just like her daddy).  But instead of asking who I was talking to, she words it, “Mommy, who is her name?”

When I call Chloe to do something she normally doesn’t want to do (wash up for dinner, take a bath, clean up her toys), she tries to tell me to hold on by saying, “Just a little minute,” or, “Just a little second.”

And tonight, when I was giving Chloe and Cole a bath, we were talking again about who loves her and Cole.  We went through the whole list – Mommy, Daddy, Pappy, Papa Rod, Ninnie, Big Poppa, Uncle Aus, Danie, Uncle D, Uncle Mitch, Sarah… and so on.  Then we started talking about how God loves her and Chloe said, “And Jesus, too.  Jesus lives in my heart because he can’t come down yet.”  She amazes me sometimes!


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