All Boy

I just like this picture Matt took.  For once, Cole does not have a huge bruise/bump on his head, but you can see all the scrapes, scratches, and mosquito bites on his face.  Under his bottom lip is a scab that is almost gone.  He fell last week and his teeth went all the way through his lips.  At first I thought we were going to have to make a trip to the ER for a stitch or two, but we finally got the bleeding to stop.  It was very purple, bloody, and swollen for a couple of days.  His front tooth is also chipped (just like Chloe’s was).  At the rate he is going, it will be a miracle if he doesn’t have to have a tooth pulled!


Concert in the Park

Tonight we went to Franklin’s Concert in the Park, and we were pleasantly surprised.  There was kid music for the first hour and then a Beatles tribute band (which was a bit hilarious…. but they actually were pretty good!).  Chloe and Cole thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and I enjoyed the kettle popcorn.  Chloe was a dancing queen.  When the band started, she jumped off the blanket, ran to the stage, and danced with everyone until we had to bribe her to leave.  As Papa Rod has said before, that girl is gonna give us problems one day.

My memory card was full after taking a couple of pics, so I only got Chloe dancing during the kid hour.  She’s twirling in blue.  Wish I had her when the actual band was playing.

And….  Cole decided to try and eat a dirt clod.  From the look on his face, I’m guessing it didn’t taste that good.

Good-Bye Paci

I have put off writing about this because I didn’t want to jinx us, but here goes.  A week and a half ago, Cole spent the night with his grandparents, and I forgot to send the paci with him!!!!!  This was a huge deal because he is never put in his crib unless he has a minimum of three pacis in there.  The boy loves the paci.  Well, much to my surprise and his grandparents, he did wonderful.  So, I decided if he could do it one night, he could do it the next (and the next and the next).  I noticed the first few times I put him in his crib, he would look for his pacis, and a couple of times he would cry for just a second but then fall asleep.  Our problem has been the mornings.  He usually sleeps until 7:30 (give or take a half hour).  But now since the paci is gone, our mornings begin at 6:00.  And I don’t like 6:00.  At all.  His naps have been shorter as well, and the little booger is just down right exhausted.  I feel so bad for him, but I’ve just been thinking he has been unable to soothe himself back to sleep.

So, last night Matt and I stayed up late.  It was almost midnight when I checked on him before going to bed, and I decided to drop a paci in his crib to see if it would soothe him back to sleep (and hope that Matt and I could get a couple more hours of shut eye in the morning).  Well, he awoke crying at 6:00 again, and when Matt got him out of the crib, his paci was in his mouth.   Huh????  So, the paci is gone again.  For good.

And this is what we have been seeing lately….

If you can’t tell from the picture, his thumb is in his mouth.  And, we are having a TERRIBLE time trying to get Chloe to stop sucking her thumb.  I don’t know which is the lesser of two evils – the paci or the thumb.


I knew I was going to have to get the kids out of the house today and wear them out.  Usually on Fridays, I’m not that concerned about wearing them out because Matt will be home late afternoon and the weekend will begin.  But this weekend, Matt won’t be home from work until Saturday night, so that leaves me with two extra days without help.  Since it was cloudy this morning, I quickly decided we would head to the zoo before it got too hot.  The kids have already been to the zoo with their grandparents, but this was my first trip this year.  The pictures aren’t very good (because keeping tabs on two toddlers is hard enough, but keeping tabs on two toddlers at the zoo is extra hard), but we had fun.  I was actually a little surprised at how well-behaved both kids were.  Both enjoyed the “Unseen New World” exhibit the most.  It was filled with snakes, iguanas, frogs, spiders, bugs, fish, turtles, salamanders, etc.  Every window Cole walked up to, he would point and yell, “Ooooo!”  Some kids beside us were yelling, “Whoa!”, so he then began yelling “Whoa!” at every window.  This was the first time I think he really enjoyed the zoo.

Funny thing…. we met another set of siblings at the zoo named Chloe and Cole.  I couldn’t believe it, and neither could the other Chloe and Cole’s parents.  They were from Chicago, but their Cole was the oldest and Chloe was the youngest.  Very bizarre!

Everyone was hot, sweaty, and hungry at the end of the zoo trip, but I was successful.  Both kids were totally worn out!