Life with One Child

I’ve said it over and over, but WOW.  Life with one child is so easy.  Actually, I shouldn’t say that.  I’ll rephrase that…..  Life with one child is so much easier.  Not easy, but easier.  Maybe I should instead say not as hard.  Chloe has been at Mom and Dad’s all week attending VBS and swimming lessons.  She has had a full week!  But, it’s been me and Cole for a couple of days before he went to Matt’s parents.  He went there for 3 days while I worked in the kitchen.  But, when I did have just Cole, everything was easier – waking up, eating, running errands, cleaning, bath time, bed time, everything!  It’s amazing how much more gets done when I just have one child.

While that may sound like I’m wishing for the “good ol’ days” of the simpler times, I’m not!  Chloe and Cole are really starting to play well (and fight well) together.  This has been going on for a while now, and it’s great.  I love when they make each other laugh genuinely.  It is the sweetest sound to my ears.  They can make each other laugh harder than just about anyone else, and it melts my heart.  I’m so glad they have each other, and now I’m really starting to enjoy how close they are in age.  When Chloe was away this week, Cole would run into her room and yell for her.  He would go to the stairs and yell up the stairs looking for her.  He would go up to her pictures and carry them around and yell for her.  He missed her so much.  And when Chloe got home, she had a present for Cole.  Mom said they were shopping one day and she said she wanted to get a gift for Cole.  So, so sweet.

I remember when I was pregnant with Cole, so many strangers (and friends) would see Chloe and say, “Whoa!  What’s their age difference going to be?”  And when I answered, “20 months, ” I got many different reactions, but I was always told, “You will really enjoy them being close in age down the road.”  And I am.  I know it’s going to continue to get easier and better, and even though our life is extra crazy right now (and has been for 20 months), I’m glad Chloe and Cole are best buds.  Cole is now 20 months, and to think that was the age Chloe was when he was born…. well…. that just about makes me break into hives!  How did we ever survive a newborn and a 20 month old?  I guess we knew no different.

I often hear parents with one child/baby say they are afraid to have more children because they don’t think the second child could compare to the first, and they just don’t think they could love a second child as much as the first.  It’s totally fine if parents just want one child.  Nothing wrong with that AT ALL.  But, if it is for the reasons just mentioned, that makes me chuckle.  It’s just the same…. that love.  It’s just as strong and crazy and amazing and immediate and fierce.  I guess your heart must grow to be able to love like that again (and again).  If I had more sanity, patience, energy, time, money, and maybe a chef, personal assistant, and a couple of nannies, I would have a house full!


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