Movie in the Park

We are very fortunate to have some really great parks close to us, especially a really great one right down the road.  This specific park was actually underwater for a few days because of the flood, but it is now back up and running.  Tonight was “Movie at the Park,” and I thought it would be right up Chloe’s alley.  She is really getting to where she loves watching movies, so I figured she would thoroughly enjoy this event.  The movie didn’t start until dark, so it was after 8:00.  That is Chloe and Cole’s bedtime, so we allowed Chloe to stay up extra late for this and had a babysitter for Cole.

Well…. the night didn’t go exactly as expected.  Chloe had nooooo interest in the movie.  All she wanted to do was play on the swings/slides/playground equipment.  We let her play until the movie started, but then it was just dark enough to see every single lightning bug.  And, there were a ton on lightning bugs.  The only thing that interested her was chasing after them.

Now, to the right of where Chloe is chasing fireflies in this picture, there is a huge outdoor movie screen, and there are approximately 2 to 300 hundred kids and parents laid out on blankets with picnics.  All are enjoying the movie.  Except us.  Chloe had no interest.  She did walk back to us with an egg that must have fallen out of a nest.  We were looking at it when she accidentally crushed it (it was already broken), and it was the nastiest smell ever.  It was all over her hands, so we sanitized her best we could.  We ended up leaving before the movie was over, and that smell lingered until we got Chloe home and cleaned up.  Yuck!  So now, we have no interest in making it back to the next park movie.  Maybe next year it will keep her attention more.


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