A Little Progress

To say we are having a hard time getting Chloe to stop sucking her thumb is an understatement.  We are having a H.O.R.R.I.B.L.E time trying to break her habit.  We do have some polish that keeps her from sticking her thumb in her mouth, but I feel it’s a little cruel.  You can’t even buy this stuff at the store, and I think I’ve seen a pattern to where it hurts her tummy.  Mom and I both tried it, and it was awful.  We could not get the taste out of our mouths for hours.  Seriously.  Hours.

We’ve started an incentive chart, and she gets a star every time we “catch” her not sucking her thumb at a time when she normally would (riding in the car, watching tv, napping, etc…).  She has filled up the first row on the chart!

So, now Chloe gets to go shopping and pick out a lollipop (a reward of her choosing).   We went to Cracker Barrel because I thought they would have a good selection, and boy did they!  Chloe was in lollipop heaven!  She found a pink/red flower lollipop and couldn’t have been more excited!

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