Uncle D’s Tree

Poor Uncle D’s house!  A tree fell on it and did quite some damage.  Luckily, no one was home when the tree fell, and no cars were in the driveway.  It could have been much worse!  Chloe, Cole, and I were able to get by there to take some pics, but the clean-up crew had already come and cleared much of the tree away.


Country Music Marathon & Dad’s Birthday

What a fantastic weekend!  I don’t even know where to start!

First, Mom, Dad, Carrie, Ryan, and all the other “Hot Rod’s Hustlers” came in town Friday.  It was Dad’s birthday, so he and Mom came over and visited for a while on their way into Nashville.  We told Dad “Happy Birthday” and that we would celebrate tomorrow (wink, wink).  Carrie and Ryan got here and we headed out for a big plate of pasta with plenty of water.  Then, we forced ourselves to bed at an early hour because we knew 4:45 A. M. was going to come quick.

We (the marathon runners) were afraid we were going to get blown away by a tornado during the race.  Luckily, the weather held off and we all crossed the finish line.  We had two team runners running the full, and they did have to stop at mile 22, but still…. I think even running 22 miles is a HUGE accomplishment.  After running 13.1, I can’t imagine running 26.2!  Out of 29 Hot Rod’s Hustlers, we had 27 to cross the finish line.  31 people were on our team, but two dropped out of the race a week or two before.  Then, one team member didn’t make the drive because of the weather, and another team member had to miss to attend a funeral.  I still can’t believe we had 27 total runners.  Our oldest team member was 67 (WOW!) and the youngest was 24.  On the day of the run, we had raised $17,000 for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  Amazing!

I finished the race in 2:15:26 with a pace of 10:20 min/miles.  I did beat my St. Jude time from December, but wow….  Nashville was MUCH harder!  Much hotter with lots and lots of hills.  My only goal was to not stop to walk – to run the whole thing, which I accomplished!  Matt finished the race in 1:42:43 with a pace of 7:51 min/miles.  Are you kidding me?  I think he may have passed the Kenyans.  And, he did all of this with a stress fracture that had him missing the first 4 weeks of training.  I just don’t get it.

After the race we booked it to shower and get to Robert’s.  We were pushing getting there by 11:30, and actually it was about 11:40 by the time we made it there after getting stuck in traffic.  When Matt and I got there, I just couldn’t believe how many people had come for Dad’s birthday…. all wearing their “Hot Rod’s Hustlers” t-shirts!  It was so crowded we could hardly move!  Mom counted over 125 people, and of course, once again, I did a poor job of taking pictures.  I just had way to many people to visit with, and most of the pictures I did take did not turn out that well.  My regret is that I didn’t get a picture of everyone that attended.  The weather was horrible, but still…. so many people came to see Dad, wish him Happy Birthday, and support him.  Again, amazing!

Dad arrived with Mom, and when he walked in and started seeing everyone, he had the biggest smile on his face that I’ve seen.  I haven’t seen him smile like that in over 10 months.  It was a great thing to see!  I think just about every team runner was there, and we were all sore, tired, and achy, but it was a blast.  I think some people now have the “marathon fever!”  Also, we had many, many people make donations in Dad’s honor at the party.  I’ve learned something very valuable in the past 10 months.  Charities are a WONDERFUL thing, and there are so many generous people that donate to great causes.  I have been overwhelmed not only by the $250 plus donations that people dropped, but also by the $5 donations from people that are truly struggling financially.  I can’t say enough good things about people who give to charities.  It has made me change the way I think.  I have become a much more giving person in the past 10 months, and I will continue that.  No matter what the donation is, big or small, it helps.  And I hope Hot Rod’s Hustlers and all those that donated to our team are closer to finding the cure.  I hope we all see that day happen.  And I hope we see it happen soon.

So, thank you, thank you, thank you to all Hot Rod’s Huslters, to all of you who donated in honor of Dad, to all of you who purchased t-shirts, to all of you who came to the marathon to cheer us on, and to all of you who came to Dad’s birthday.  We are truly grateful to each and everyone of you.  And we always will be.  It was an incredible weekend!

Tooth Fairy!

Guess who came to our house last night?!?  Yep…. the tooth fairy!  And, guess what he left Chloe?!?  A five-dollar bill!  She awoke very happy to find money in place of her tooth.  But, somehow…. along the way…. Chloe misinterpreted and has been telling everyone that the tooth fairy left her five “million” dollars.  Well, the tooth fairy can GLADLY have my front tooth if she leaves me five million dollars!

More Dora Sprinkler

Cole loved the Dora sprinkler as much as Chloe, and he was just like a dog lapping up the water; however, for some strange reason, when he was done with it, he froze.  He wouldn’t move or walk away.  He just stayed right where he was and started crying.  We ended up having to go pick him up to move  him away.  The last picture explains.

Good-Bye Front Tooth

I can’t believe I’ve let this bother me as much as I have after everything we have gone through the last 9 months and after everything I’ve witnessed the Greggs go through the last 6 months….. but I have let it bother me.

Rewind to summer 2008.  Chloe was standing on a chair, slipped, and fell face first onto the coffee table.  Both of her top, front teeth were chipped, and her gums bled for a while.  It was almost bedtime when this happened, so I called the doctor the next day.  There was really nothing that could be done, and I was warned that the teeth could die and turn brown.  Luckily, Chloe was fine and the teeth seemed fine as well.

Fast forward to winter 2010.  Chloe developed a sore in her mouth above one of the front teeth that she hit/chipped.  It went away and came back.  Took her to the pediatrician, and she really didn’t know what it was, but said to keep an eye on it.  If it returned, take her to the dentist.  It did return.  Two more times.  Then, a couple weeks ago, Chloe fell getting out of the bathtub and hit face first.  She hit that front tooth again, but this time knocking it loose.  Again… blood!  The next day the sore was much bigger and much worse.  Called the dentist and he referred us to a pediatric dentist.  Went to the pediatric dentist, and he gave us the bad news….

“The tooth has to come out.  And soon.”

What a bummer.  I really liked the dentist and trusted what he said (even though I called my friend’s dad who is a dentist to make sure this was what needed to happed), but I was still bummed.  I was not expecting to hear that.  He knew it bothered me, and he told me we could do a fake tooth…. blah, blah, blah.  Now, I’m not that crazy and I won’t go that far, but it will bother me.  And as soon as I got in the car, my stupid eyes started watering.  Ugh!

Well, I’ve had a week to accept it, and I was okay this morning.  Naturally, I wanted to make this as easy as possible on Chloe, so we took a field trip to the library.  We checked out all kinds of books about dentists and losing teeth and the tooth fairy.  We’ve been studying and reading every night, and Chloe was pretty much looking forward to today, thank goodness!  Lauren took pics of Chloe this week, so I’m glad I had that done.  Our last picture shoot with all our baby teeth.  And here are some shots I took this morning.


So, Chloe couldn’t eat or drink after midnight, and she handled that fairly well this morning.  We got to the dentist office, and she drank the “wobbly” drink.  And boy was she wobbly!  At first she was just extra silly, but then she couldn’t talk, walk, or hold her head up.  She was like holding a bag of brick, so I eventually set her down and let her lay on the floor of the waiting room.  I was able to get a video of her, but by this time, she was no longer silly and just about pitiful.

Once Chloe was good and “drunk,” I had to carry her to the room.  She did okay, but she was such a wiggle worn.  It took me, the doctor, and the assistant to hold her down.  The worst part was getting the shot.  After we got that drama out of the way, the pulling of the tooth was a piece of cake.  Then, she was able to pick something out of the treasure box and the sticker box.  She was still unable to walk at this point, so I had to carry her to the car.  We stopped at McDonald’s or “Old McDonald’s” as Chloe calls it, on the way home.  I got her a shake, and she thought it was funny that she got to eat ice cream for breakfast.



Chloe handled the rest of the day like a champ, and after nap, Elliot and Luke were so sweet to bring Chloe a gift for being so brave.  And what did they bring???  A Dora sprinkler!!  We had to open it up right then and there!

We’ve already gotten several compliments on how “cute” Chloe looks with her front tooth missing.  Whether people are just being nice, I’m not sure, but it is nice to hear.  I know in a week we will be used to her new smile and won’t even notice.  And, actually, we have a couple of friends already jealous that Chloe lost a tooth before they did!  Chloe has loved sticking her tongue through the gap and looking in the mirror.  She said her new mouth looks “silly,” and she’s right!  🙂  It has obviously bothered her daddy and me waaaaaay more than it’s bothered her.

Oh, and of course, the best part of the whole deal is that the tooth fairy is coming tonight!  YIPEE!

First Sounds Game

We made it to the Sounds game today with the kids in tow.  This was the first Sounds game for them both, and actually, I think it was my first game since Chloe has been born!  Wow… that shows how having a baby will change things!  Matt and I used to love to go to games, especially Thirsty Thursday.

The weather was perfect, and it was a great day to sit outside and watch some baseball.  I LOVE spring!  The only issue we had was keeping the kids entertained and in their seats.  Luckily, Uncle D was there with us to help out, and I think the kids did pretty well although the pictures could prove otherwise.

I love this picture!  Cole was not heavy enough to weigh the chair down, so every time we sat him down, the chair would flip up.  He’s feet are actually on the ground.

Best scoreboard in baseball!


And more squirming…. but Daddy’s handling it pretty well!

And even more squirming, but Daddy is still smiling!  (Dos Perros)