Elite Eight!

The Vols made history today – first time ever to the Elite Eight.  My superstition got the best of me.  Since I didn’t have time to do laundry after winning against Ohio St. Friday, and since we have worn the same thing for the past 4 wins, we put our dirty clothes back on for today’s game.  Sadly, it didn’t do the trick.  The Vols lost to Michigan St. in the last seconds of the game, and even though it was a heartbreaker, we are so proud of our Vols.  V-O-L-S, Go Vols, Go!

One Big Mess

Cole will not let me feed him with a spoon or fork any more, and it’s about to drive me bonkers.  So, tonight, after he ended up in tears refusing to eat from the spoon I was trying to feed him with, I gave up.  He needs to learn to use utensils anyway.  So far, it’s not going so well.

Little Monkey

Cole’s high chair cover was in the washer, so I was unable to strap him in during breakfast.  I walked out of the kitchen briefly, and then Chloe started yelling for me to come get Cole.  I ran in the kitchen and found that Cole had climbed out of his high chair, onto the table, grabbed the knife, and was hitting the chandelier.

He was so proud.

SEC Tourney

What a treat!  Pappy and Papa stayed in town for the SEC tourney, and we all got to watch the Vols stomp LSU.  And yes, Chloe and Cole were included.  It was Cole’s first UT basketball game and Chloe’s second (I think).  They did very well considering they both missed their naps.  Cole was exhausted after the game, but he hung in there.  It was a fun game, and thanks Pappy and Papa for getting tix!

Adventure Science Museum

I could kick myself for not having my camera, but I’m so far behind in blogging and picture taking.  The last few times I’ve wanted to use it the battery has been dead.  So, that is why I have no pictures to share.

But…..  Pappy and Papa are in town for doctor appointments and had a free day today.  Since Dad’s counts are good and they had no other plans today, we decided to meet at the Adventure Science Museum.  Both kids had a blast, and neither kid ever stopped.  Chloe was absolutely terrified of the dinosaurs, but they didn’t seem to bother Cole one bit.  The museum was a little old for my kids, but they played and played.  After an hour and a half, we were all worn out, me, Mom and Dad included.  We headed to Sonic for lunch and home for naps.  Pappy and Papa followed us home, and they stayed at the house while the kids napped and while I ran.  Of course, Mom cleaned my house while she was here.  Thank you!!!!

Happy Birthday, Matt/Daddy!

Chloe loooooves to cook, and she wanted to cook Daddy’s birthday cake this year.  We had a conversation about what kind of cake we should bake, and we both decided that a basketball cake would be perfect.  Matt was out of town, so I explained to Chloe that we were going to keep it a secret; therefore, when Matt got home, she couldn’t tell him about the cake.  We were going to surprise him with it.  Chloe seemed to understand and was ready to start baking.  Cole had to be in the middle of the action as well.

We finished the cake, but I couldn’t find any black icing tubes at either grocery store or the craft store to make the black lines on the basketball.  So, after three failed attempts, I was tired of loading and unloading the kids and decided the cake would be fine without the black lines.  We would all just have to use our imaginations.  And, it didn’t seem to bother Chloe one bit.

Well, Matt got in from out of town, walked in the front door, and the first thing Chloe did was run up to Matt and scream, “Daddy, we made you a basketball cake for your birthday!”  I ran behind her, and Matt was hugging her acting all excited about his cake.  Laughing, I said, “Chloe!  That was a secret!  You weren’t supposed to tell Daddy!”  So, she tiptoed up to Matt, got right in his face, and whispered very loudly, “Daddy, we made you a basketball cake, but it’s a secret!  Don’t tell anybody!”  We’re still laughing over that one.

We celebrated a day late with the kids and the cake over Mexican night, but on Matt’s actual birthday, we sent the kids to their grandparents.  We met A. D., Ree, Matthew, Perk, and Brinn at Melrose and watch the Vols win big against Miss. St.  It was a great night and a great win, but I was too busy talking to Ree to really watch any of the game.

It was a great weekend, and Chloe is becoming more and more of a big fan of birthdays, but who isn’t, right?  She totally gets the whole birthday thing now.  Makes getting older more fun.  Happy 34th Birthday, Daddy/Matt!