A First for Us

It finally happened.  We have our first ear infection.  Chloe is 3, and Cole is 16, almost 17 months, and we are just getting our first ear infection.  Our pediatrician was off work today, so we saw a different doctor.  He was looking over our charts, and he couldn’t believe Cole has never had an ear infection.  That’s when I told him Chloe was 3 and has never had one.  Again, he couldn’t believe it and told me how lucky I/we have been.  I agreed…. and am knocking on wood.

Some Warm(er) Weather!

Finally!  Some nicer weather.  It wasn’t quite spring weather, but compared to what we’ve had, it sure was nice.  We headed outdoors and made the best of it.  Chloe went with Uncle D to Pappy and Papa’s house, so it was just Cole, Mommy and Daddy this weekend.  That’s why only Cole is in the pics.  And, WOW….. I forgot how much EASIER it is with just one kid!  It was a nice, little break, and of course, Chloe had a blast being with her grandparents, aunts, and uncles this weekend.

What a Bummer!!

I don’t believe it!  I just DON’T believe it!!!!!

Disappointment just doesn’t even describe it.

We have been looking forward to this weekend for sooooooo long…… so, so, soooooooo long.  Carrie, Ryan, and Layla came to spend the weekend with us.  And, Carrie got sick.  So sick.  I didn’t even really see her Saturday.  I saw her Friday night, and then a stomach virus hit her hard early Saturday morning.  I didn’t really see her again until they left Sunday.  I was so sad, Matt was sad, and Chloe was very sad.  What a bummer!  We all agreed that this visit just doesn’t even count.  We’re going to act like it didn’t even happen.  We’re just going to have to do it again very, very soon.

I did manage to get a few pics Friday night and Sunday morning.  How cute is Layla Jane?!?!?

Puppy Love

Ninnie and Big Poppa have a new addition to their family…. Duffy!  He was rescued from the Middle TN Golden Retriever Rescue.  He is soooo cute, and Chloe and Cole cannot get enough of him (and neither can I!).  The Kizers brought him by to let the kids play a little bit this afternoon.

More Birthday???

Matt had to work in Memphis this week, so we all packed up and decided to make the trip with him to visit Pappy and Papa.  We met Pappy, Papa, Austin, and Danie in Jackson for dinner because they were driving back from Vandy at the same time we were leaving Nashville.  Neither kid had much interest in eating, but we sure did enjoy seeing Papa.  He’s so much better!

Once we left Jackson, we all went back to Pappy and Papa’s house.  And, Austin and Danie had a birthday present to give Chloe.  Her birthday will never end!  Thank you, Austin and Danie for the fishing pole and bubbles.  We can’t wait until it is warm enough to go fishing at your pond!