The Latest Cole Antics

He is absolutely cracking us up lately with his new interest in the t.v.  It doesn’t last long, maybe 3 or 4 minutes at the very most.  But, it’s as if he’s just noticed the t.v. is in the room.  I’ve taken several pictures but he always looks the same…..sitting on his knees, looking up, mouth open, eyes wide, watching intently.

Cole has been showing interest in the vent covers for some time now, but in the past couple of weeks it has become a problem.  He removes every vent cover he can reach and throws his toys, Chloe’s toys, and anything else he feels like throwing down the vents.  Most of the time we can reach what he throws down the vent, but not always.  There are things we cannot reach, and we have no idea what all is out of our reach.


Christmas with the Kizers

We decided to do Christmas tonight with Matt’s family because it was the only time we could all get together.  We feasted on several appetizers, salad, steaks, potatoes, corn, rolls, desserts, and wine.  The food was wonderful and the night was incredibly fun, but we had one BIG scare.

Big Poppa and Matt were out grilling steaks while Ninnie, Uncle Mitch, Sarah and I were cooking/talking.  The kids were inside with us, and all of a sudden I didn’t see Cole.  I was looking in all the downstairs rooms when panic started to set in.  I ran outside to make sure the guys didn’t have Cole, which they didn’t, and then everyone started to panic.  Ninnie ran one way and I ran the other when I heard it…… a loud tumble.  I was running to the hardwood stairs and saw Cole tumbling down from the top, flipping and twisting and hitting every step until he smacked the hardwood floor at the bottom face first.  I screamed, Cole was screaming, and everyone ran in behind us.  Poor, poor Cole.  He was hurt and crying uncontrollably.  I held him for a few minutes and let him cry.  I laid him on the couch and looked at his body and didn’t see anything wrong except a huge, purple knot forming on his forehead.  I knew it was a good sign the knot immediately began to knot out.  We watched him for a while and cuddled and kissed him.  We gave him his paci which seemed to help out more than anything.

After realizing he was okay, I made the statement that maybe that was just a lesson learned because we have a terrible time keeping Cole off the stairs.  Big Poppa barricaded the stairs, so I set Cole down.  He went straight to the stairs, knocked the barricade down, and began climbing up again.  Are you kidding me?!?!?

After we got that drama out of the way, we ate, cleaned the kitchen and sat down together while Big Poppa handed out presents.

Chloe was so excited.  Every gift she opened she would look at and say, “Oh!  I LOVE it!”  Cole crawled around in the middle of everything playing with all the trashed wrapping paper and boxes.  Out of all his gifts, he enjoyed playing with the empty boxes the most.

Chloe not only opened all of her gifts, but she opened most of Cole’s gifts as well.

Chloe’s two favorite things are Dora and play dough.  Uncle Mitch and Sarah gave Chloe a Dora play dough set, and Chloe was sooooo excited she could hardly stand it.

More excitement over opening another gift (and Cole crawling everywhere).

Congrats, Uncle Mitch and Sarah!  They just got engaged 1 week ago, and we are all so excited!

Ninnie and Big Poppa gave Chloe some dress up clothes, and she put the dress on as soon as she opened it.  It turned into a HUGE melt down later when we had to take it off to go to bed…. but that’s a whole other story!

The next day Chloe played and played and played and played with her new toys.

Thank you Ninnie, Big Poppa, Uncle Mitch, and Sarah for being so good to us and our kids.  We love you guys!

Visiting Santa

We took the kids to see Santa when the mall opened this morning.  We thought if we got there close to 10:00 we wouldn’t have to wait in line; however, we did have to wait….. an hour!!!  The kids were tired, hungry, and bored after waiting that long, but they behaved pretty well to wait that long.  I was not supposed to take pictures, so I only snapped a couple very quickly.

When it was time for Chloe to get in Santa’s lap, she started whining and saying she didn’t want to see Santa.  I ignored her and put her in Santa’s lap, and she did fine!  This is the first year she didn’t cry hysterically.  Cole, on the other hand, was a very unhappy little boy.  He was the one crying hysterically this year.  The entire time he was in Santa’s lap, he was looking at Matt and me with his hands reaching out to us.  He couldn’t understand why we were watching him and not picking him up out of Santa’s lap.  Chloe kept looking at Cole watching him throw his fit, but she did manage to tell Santa she wanted bubbles and flowers.

First Haircuts

I finally decided it was time….. to cut Chloe’s hair!  A part of me was so excited, but a part of me did not want to cut it; however, I was tired of Chloe’s hair getting in her syrup, jelly, paint, playdough, and other sticky things that were hard to remove.  I was also tired of fixing it only for it to look stringy a few minutes later (reminds me of when I try to have long hair).

Also, Cole had grown a mullet, and I HAD to get rid of it!

I took the kids to Bonnie, the sweet girl who has been cutting my hair since I moved to Nashville.  She is the only one I would trust with my kids locks.

Unfortunately, I was unable to capture a picture of Cole getting his first haircut.  It took me to hold him, another customer to help distract him while catching his hair (to save for the scrapbook), and Bonnie to help hold him while cutting at the same time.  He was a good boy, but he was just interested in what was going on and trying to see what Bonnie was doing to him.  I waited until I got home to get pics of the finished result.

Matt was out of town during the haircuts, so we surprised him when he got home.  Both of us think Chloe looks so much older with her new “do.”  And, she seems to be a little sassier lately, too.  Uh-oh!


Cole loves, loves, loves anything with wheels.  Chloe liked riding toys when she was little, but her like for them is nothing compared to Cole’s love for them.  Funny the difference between a boy and a girl.  Pappy and Papa Rod have several riding toys for the kids, and naturally, Chloe has begun to find these toys a tad bit more interesting when Cole hops on one.

Sounds like Trouble

The house became mysteriously quiet while I was updating CaringBridge.  I should have known better.

Chloe found a marker.  Not only is it all over her and her pj’s, but it is also all over several of her nice Christmas books.

Cole found the t.v.  This is the first time I’ve really noticed him interested in watching what is on the screen.  But geez…. do you think he can see it?