Chloe loves chapstick and “cream” (face cream/lotion).  Both Chloe and Cole have very sensitive skin, especially in the cold weather.  We have to keep them both covered in Aquaphor during the winter months.  Chloe thinks it is a treat to wear “cream,” and every night before she goes to sleep, she will remind me if I’ve forgotten to put “cream” on her face.  It was actually a great reward to use while she was potty training.

Dad is back in the hospital this week, so most of my week has been spent there as well.  Luckily, Matt was able to work most of the week at home so I could be at the hospital.  But, trying to work at home with two toddlers isn’t the easiest of tasks.  Matt got busy, forgot about his two kids for a second, and walked in to find Chloe in the “cream,” and she thought Cole needed some too.


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