Party with the Stroups

The Stroups were all in town, and they had a party to celebrate.  As soon as we returned home from Pappy and Papa’s, we quickly unloaded the car and headed out.  Whew!  The hustle and bustle!  We had a great time seeing everyone, and the only time my camera made it out was to get a few shots of Cole taking his first bath with a girl other than his sister.  You can imagine the jokes that were going around over that…. mostly about Cole being a stud.  Guys are so crazy.  But, Cole and Willa had a great time playing in the tub, and thank you Mr. Steve for bathing them.  Chloe had so much fun with Lucy, and she did not want to leave at the end of the night….. as usual.  She’s our social butterfly.  It was lots of fun hanging out with the Stroup clan, their kids, and their friends.  It just doesn’t happen often enough!


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