Merry Christmas!

As usual, Cole awoke first, so we moved him to our bed and wrestled him as long as we could.  Finally at 7:30 we had to wake Chloe, and she was completely out of it.  After we reminded her that Santa had visited, she snapped out of it pretty quickly.  I ran downstairs quickly to take some pictures of what Santa had left.

Here are Chloe’s gifts…..

These are Cole’s presents….

And Santa left this pile in the middle for both to share…

Everyone was walking downstairs, and I don’t think Chloe saw her presents until she walked right upon them.  Then, she just stopped and stared, mouth wide open.  She remained that way for several seconds, and then she became very excited.  Cole crawled right over to his pile and started playing.  He knew exactly what pile was his.

We played all morning, and Matt and I drank coffee and cooked all morning.  Ninnie and Big Poppa came over to see what all Santa brought the kids.  I looked out the window and noticed it was snowing!!  So, the men threw new coats, mittens, and toboggans on the kids and took them out.  It was snowing so lightly that it didn’t even show up in the pictures, but a little snow is better than no snow!

Look at Cole’s sweet, little, droopy, tired eyes…. and runny nose….  little do we know….. that runny nose will turn into more things and give us FITS for the next two weeks.

Ninnie and Big Poppa stayed with us for lunch, and we feasted on a smoked turkey, dressing, green beans, cheese grits, and rolls.  Yum!  When lunch was over, Chloe and Cole both were absolutely worn out.  They were both tired, cranky, and out of control.  They began fighting over Cole’s new car, and somehow, they both fit…. but each was equally unhappy.

Ninnie helped me clean the kitchen, and we began loading up to head to Pappy and Papa Rod’s house for Christmas with my family.  We were trying to get the kids dressed, and Chloe’s exhaustion really started to set in.  She’s like her momma.  When she gets really tired, she gets really silly.  She ran from us when we got her pj’s off and went straight to the trampoline.  You can’t really tell from the pictures, but her feet are in the air.

Once everything was packed and loaded, we said good-bye to Ninnie and Big Poppa and head west.  Pappy and Papa Rod, here we come!  Christmas, round 3!


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