Chef Chloe

I’ve been telling Chloe for a while now that we are going to bake Christmas cookies together, and it is all she’s talked about.  I should have read the entire recipe before starting because once we got the dough made, it said to chill it for 24 hours.  So, it ended up taking us 3 days to make Christmas cookies…. one day to make the dough, one day to bake the cookies, and one day to decorate the cookies.  We probably could have finished the task in two days, but Cole prevented that from happening.

Chloe loved “cooking,” and she was a pretty good stirrer.  She did really well at sprinkling the flour and cutting the cookies with cookie cutters.  We were both a big covered-in-flour mess all three days, but our biggest messes were decorating the cookies.  Chloe didn’t really understand how to lightly sprinkle the sugar or the sprinkles.  It was fun, though, and I think Santa will like his cookies.

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:  (making icing….. and we got busy and forgot to take more pictures)


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