Christmas Tree!!!

After being away from home for almost a week and a half for the wedding and for Thanksgiving, we were all very happy to be home again.  The kids have been so good because their toys are new to them again.  We decided to go ahead and put up the Christmas tree because our next few weekends are full of things to do.  Chloe was excited, and I couldn’t tell if she remember the tree from last year or not.  Cole was in the way the entire time, of course, but he (and we) were loving it.  His favorite part was the big box that held the Christmas tree.  He enjoyed that more than the tree itself, but he did like touching the lights on the tree once they were turned on.  I’m already wondering how I’m going to keep him away from the tree for the next month.

Plumber’s crack!

Cole ended up in his favorite playing place, as usual.


Austin and Dana’s Wedding

The big day is here….. the day we’ve been looking forward to for months….  Austin is getting married!  It took him 35 years, but he finally took the plunge!  All joking aside, the wedding was great.  Dana was beautiful, and Austin wasn’t a bit nervous.  Dad looked great and hung in like a champ.

All of the bridesmaids walked down the aisle, and the ring bearer got nervous and left Chloe.  So, Chloe was going to have to walk down the aisle by herself.  The aisle at our church is very long, so I was nervous as to how she would do.  I was a bridesmaid, and Dad, Matt, and A.D. were all groomsmen, and of course, Austin was standing there with us all, so I thought she may walk to us if we waved for her.  We waited and waited, then the bride’s music came on.  Still, no Chloe.  Then, all of a sudden, she appeared at the end of the aisle, and on her face was PURE joy.  I have never seen the kid look so happy.  I waved to her, and she ran down the long aisle as happy as could be.  She got to right where we were all standing, and then she threw all of her flowers from her basket in the air.  She did perfect!  She didn’t stand with us the whole ceremony, but she went in sat in Pappy’s lap on the front row and was a perfect little lady the entire time.  Cole, on the other hand, had to be taken out pretty early in the ceremony, but I figured that would happen!  The ceremony was short and sweet, but it was emotional for our family, rightfully so.  When Matt and I were married, we used the prayer in our wedding that Mom and Dad used at their wedding, and Austin and Dana used it as well.  It was very sweet.

After the ceremony, it was pictures and party time.  We had a party bus take the wedding party from the church to the reception, so that got things started.  Then, of course, the reception was a blast.  The highlight to my night was having Carrie and Ryan there.  We miss them so much, so we are so happy they made the drive from Atlanta to be with our family on this special occasion.  Once we got to the reception, we got carried away and have no pictures of the four of us.  Why does that always happen???  I think we get too excited and too caught up in our conversations to even think about taking pictures.  I must do better!

Dad hung out until Aus and Dana left at 1:15.  I know he was overly tired, but he didn’t miss a thing….. just like Austin and Dad wanted it to be.

Yes, that is my brother dancing with the bride; however, it is not my brother that married the bride.  Hmmm…..  And yes, that is the garter around his head.  Austin made sure A. D. caught it.

Everything was wonderful.  Congratulations, Austin and Dana!  We are all so happy!

Rehearsal Dinner

The night was perfect, the food was incredible, and the company could be better.  Everything went just as planned during the rehearsal, and we had such a great time.  Dad was able to make a really nice toast, and I don’t think there was a dry eye in the whole place.  I got my toast out of the way, then A. D. and Matt were next.  Once all that was done, I was able to relax a little more and reeeeeeally enjoy the night…. probably a little too much…. but I was not the only one.  🙂

The after-party ended up at Austin’s until we had to start kicking people out around 2 a.m.  Bedtime!  BIG DAY TOMORROW!

Rehearsal Time!

It’s finally here…. Austin and Dana’s rehearsal!  We’ve talked and talked to Chloe about what she is supposed to do during the ceremony.  We’ve explained that she will wear a pretty, white dress, carry a basket of flowers, walk down the aisle, and throw her flowers when she walks.  She always seems to understand what her “job” is, but the past couple of days, we have asked her to show us what she is going to do.  She immediately puts her hands out in front of her and starts walking (if you can call it walking) like Frankenstein or some type of monster.  No one has any idea where she learned this or why she started doing this.  Everyone seems to think this is very funny….. except me!  Hopefully she will not do this in the ceremony!

Mom and I decided to try to roll Chloe’s hair with rollers for the rehearsal.  Once we had all the rollers in her hair, she jumped out of the chair and began dancing.  She is so excited about this wedding!

She did well at the rehearsal, and Austin and Dana gave her some very sweet presents, one that made my cry.  It is a handkerchief that they embroidered for her to use on her wedding day as her “something old.”  So sweet.

After practice, we dropped Chloe off at Mom and Dad’s where the babysitter was waiting for her with Cole.  Then, the rest of us headed off to Jim’s Place for dinner….

Spa Day with the Bride-to-Be

Dana, the bridesmaids, some friends and I spent the day getting pampered.  We all had manicures, pedicures, lunch, and a 1-hour massage while sipping some wine and relaxing in order to gear up for the weekend.  It was a great way to spend the day, and I think Dana needed the pampering in the worst possible way.  I had my camera with me, but for some reason, it never made it out of the case.  Boo!  I guess I was enjoying myself too much to even think of taking pictures.  I do have pictures of the day that others gave me, but none on my camera.  I must do better!

Did You See That?

Well, the stomach bug got me…..UGGHHH!  What else can I say but ughhh???  Matt’s mom saved the day and picked up the kids first thing this morning.  Matt picked them up on his way home from work, and I was in bed.  It was around 7:00 at night, and I must admit, both my kids were very excited to see me.  What other better medicine is there?  Chloe was up on the bed with me jumping, and Cole and Matt were on the floor.  Cole pulled up to the bed where I was laying, and I was watching Chloe jumping on the bed.  I heard Matt gasp, and I turned around….. and there was Cole….. walking across the floor like he had been walking for months.  His belly was poking out, his legs were fall apart, but he was walking!  It was hilarious!  When he fell down, we all screamed, laughed, and clapped.  He looked up at us, started laughing, and began clapping with us.  It was a sight to see, and it made me feel much better!