Itty Bitty Cole

We, family and friends included, have laughed about Cole’s size since the day he was born.  He was a “whopping” 6 pounds when he was born, and he has been tiny ever since.  Today was his one-year appointment, and he weighed 18.13 ounces and was only 27.5 inches in length.  Cole is in the 3rd percentile!!!!!  And now, our doctor is concerned.  We have to return to the doctor in 3 months, and if Cole has not hit a growth spurt, we will have to have some blood work and x-rays.  Poor little thing!  I was not prepared for that.  And, to top it all off, Cole had to have 3 shots today.  It sure is rough being a kid these days, and it makes his mommy sad!  We are praying for a growth spurt!


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