More Zoo

I guess if I can find anything good that can come out of Dad’s sickness, then it is that he and Mom are right down the road.  We  have seen them almost everyday, and we are enjoying spending as much time as we can with them.  Today we had plans to go to the zoo with Miss Kathy, Sarah, Lucy, and Willa, so I invited Mom and Dad to come along.  Again, the weather was just perfect, and we had a nice time at the zoo.

I love this picture of Dad, Cole, and the elephants!


Lucy and Chloe








Getaway Weekend

Matt had plans for a “guy’s weekend” in Knoxville, so Chloe, Cole and I decided to go to the lake with Mom and Dad.  The night before we left, A.D. decided to ride with us, so then we called Austin and Dana and they ended up coming.  It was a great weekend, except the kids awoke way too early for my liking Saturday morning.  I put Chloe and Cole in the same room, but Cole woke up at 6 playing.  I heard Chloe say, “Shhhh, Cole!”  So, I crept in the room thinking I could grab Cole while Chloe went back to sleep.  No such luck.  They were both up.

A.D. and I ran from the lake house all the way to the end of the dam, so we were pretty proud of ourselves.  It was a long run, but worse, it was a very, very, VERY hilly run.  The rest of the day we all napped and watched football while Aus and A.D. spent the day broken down on the water on the jet skis.  We watched the Vols Saturday night, and Sunday we took the boat out for a while.  It was a beautiful day.  After 3 weeks of rain, we were all so happy to see the sun!

Here’s Chloe getting some cuddle time with Pappy and Papa Rod.


And here are some boating pics…


Poor Cole can’t move in his life-jacket.  He eventually gave up and fell asleep.




Papa and Chloe drove the boat!  She was very excited about this.


Cole is Walking…. Assisted

I don’t know why we haven’t thought of this before, but we pulled out the walker for Cole tonight.  He took to it immediately, and he was VERY proud of himself!





I remember when we got this walker.  B-bob and Pawpaw gave it to Chloe her first Christmas, and Matt and I worked and worked with her trying to get her to use it.  She had no interest.  Then, one day we went to pick her up from the church nursery, and she was walking all over the place with a walker.  We couldn’t believe it!  As soon as we got home, she went straight to the walker like she had been using it forever.  These pictures are from January 2008.  Chloe had just turned 1.



Florida Game

We headed out to the Rains’ house to watch the UT/Fla game.  I am so mad because I forgot my camera, but Amanda was there to catch the highlight of the day.  We all turned around to find Luke driving Chloe around in his Ford F-150, and we could not stop laughing.  They rode around for at least an hour, and I don’t know if Chloe has ever had more fun in her life.




It had rained this morning, and the ground was very wet.  When Chloe and Luke got out of the truck, Luke wouldn’t let Chloe get her feet wet.   He would carry her instead.  What a gentleman!



When everyone started calling Chloe “Chloe Rains,” I think Matt had heard enough!

Another Tooth!

I should have known when we had 2 sleepless nights that a new tooth was bothering Cole, but I just didn’t think that much about it… until I felt in his mouth.  His 7th tooth popped through at some point this morning/last night.  It’s a bottom, left tooth.  These teeth sure are giving him fits!