A Day at Home

Mom and Dad snuck off to the lake, so we enjoyed the day at home.  We didn’t stay at home all day, but ran some errands and spent the later part of the day at home playing.  While the kids were playing outside, Matt and I sipped on some Tecate, a favorite of ours lately, and I got the camera going.





We’ve been trying really hard to grow some veggies this year, and we’ve had several meals of pesto and some appetizers with basil….. but that’s been about it.  We haven’t had much luck until Austin helped us out a bit.  He’s the farmer/garden king, and he loads us down with his home grown veggies every time he visits.  After working on our plants a little, this is what we have going.



And more on the way….


And even more on the way!


But this is my nemesis lately.


While the kids played, Matt and I cooked dinner.  I’ve been trying and trying for years to make cheese grits like B-Bob’s but so far, none have matched….. or even been close.  I keep meaning to ask for her recipe, but I always forget.  But tonight, I think I got pretty close to matching B-Bob’s.  Matt seemed to think so, but I need A. D. or Austin or Dad to be a judge.  Regardless, I couldn’t help but take a picture of the outcome.  Doesn’t that look like perfection?


And here’s Matt’s perfection.  Yum!


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