More Chloe Talk

Just a few funny things Chloe has said lately that I wanted to write down….

She was standing on her tip toes, looked at me very excitedly and said, “Look, Mommy!  I pirouette!”  I have no idea where she learned that.

When we finish a bottle of wine, I always throw the corks in the same bowl.  Chloe was playing with the corks, and she asked, “Mommy, what these?”  I answered, “They are corks.”  She replied, “They go on you juice.”

While riding in the car, Chloe let out a big, loud yawn and was rubbing her eyes.  I turned around and looked at her and she said, “I not tired at ALL!”

I know I’m forgettting some, so I’ll add as they come to me.  I need to start writing them down as soon as Chloe says things.

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