More Dragon Park…. and More Friends

Lately, I have my good days, and I have my bad days.  Today was a bad day.  I woke up hearing about Ted Kennedy losing his battle to brain cancer, and it made me sick.  It took my breath away.  It hit home.  All I could think about was Dad.  About how he has brain cancer.  About how it’s so unfair and about how it makes no sense.  About how I still think I could wake up from a nightmare.  But it’s real.  And today I was sad.  And I didn’t want to leave my house or change out of my pajamas.  But I have two precious, little kids that deserve better than me acting that way.  And, we had plans to meet up with some great friends that were in town.  So, Sarah, if I seemed out of sorts, I was, and I apologize.  Just know that our park date did wonders for me, and you were some great therapy for me.  Of course, my kids had a blast.  Miss Kathy saved the day by keeping an eye on Chloe (who is becoming surprisingly fearless).  Wow!  It’s hard keeping an eye on two kids at the park…. especially when one child is crawling and will put any and everything in his mouth.  We were so busy I didn’t get any pics of Lucy or Chloe.  I hate that!  I’ll just have to do better next time.

Here’s Cole eating all of Willa’s food.


(And by the way…. Cole is 10 1/2 months and is wearing shorts that are sized 3 to 6 months…. and they are HUGE on him.)  🙂


Willa is walking!!  She needs to teach Cole a thing or two!  🙂


I could not get Cole to take his morning nap before we left for the park, so I knew we were going to have an “interesting” day.  He was exhausted when we left the park, and Chloe and I both did everything in our power to keep him awake on the way home….. to no avail.  When I pulled in the garage, I very gently got him out of the car and very quietly tiptoed to his room.  I put him down in his crib and snuck out of his room.  Then, of course, he awoke.  On the monitor, I could hear Cole playing, but I let him go because he wasn’t crying, and I thought he would eventually fall asleep.  Well, after about 25 minutes, he started crying.  I went into his room to give him a bottle (hoping to get him back to sleep), and I have no idea where in the world this came from, but his crib was covered in dirt!  His crib was covered, his face was covered, his hands were covered, and it was all in his mouth.  ?????  When I got him out of the car, there was no dirt in sight.  Obviously he had gotten into the dirt at the park, but I have no idea where he stored it.  I had to clean him up, rake all the dirt out of the crib into the floor, and vacuum the floor.  I’m still puzzled….. and still wishing I would have gotten a picture!

2 thoughts on “More Dragon Park…. and More Friends

  1. Such wonderful pictures. Boy, you young adults have surprised me. You are such great parents. I don’t think we were nearly as (what should I say) creative and fun as all of you. Reading your blogs and seeing Abby and Nick’s and watching Jeremy and Willoe, I am so awed by all of you.

  2. Auburn, I love the pic of Willa & Cole…so cute. I hate that you had such a bad day. I feel like I really was not there to talk to you and I am sorry! I love you and your family so much and enjoy all our time together. I girls passed out in the car too! Much love, SKP

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