Play, Play, Play!

It was such a cool, nice August day, and what better is there to do on a Sunday afternoon than heading to the park with good friends?  Nothing, so that’s exactly what we did!  Courtney, Jason, and sweet Jake met us at the park, and it was great hanging out.  It was a ton of fun watching Jake and Cole play together, and it was funny that they both wanted to play with Chloe’s pink sunglasses over all the other toys.  Cole is not very good at sharing yet!  Courtney and Jason were great to hang out and play with us, and we so enjoyed their company.  Mom and Dad met us at the park as well, and it was a great day.  Mom got some really good belly laughs out of Jake…. he is ticklish!  Chloe played and played and played, and because I left her drink in the car, she “stole” Jake’s water.  I must teach my kids better manners!




Tug-o-war for the glasses.


Looks like Cole won.


Tug-o-war again.


Jake got ’em!



Chloe was cracking up over the static in her hair.




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