Pulling Up

Cole pulled up for the first time today, and naturally, I couldn’t get to my good camera fast enough.  But, these pictures get the point across just as well.





6 years…..

….. of marital bliss.  🙂  Matt and I celebrated our 6th anniversary today, and while we were at the hospital, we told Dad it was 6 years ago today that he threw the biggest party he’s ever thrown….. and the most expensive.  Ha.  Can’t believe it’s already been 6 years.  I’ve taken a picture of us every year on our anniversary, and this year I found it fitting to throw the kids in a pic with us.  Matt’s parents kept the kids while we went and had dinner alone.  It was nice to have a quiet meal where we were able to enjoy dinner and each other.  Happy 6, Matt!



Top Tooth!

Cole cut his top, left tooth this morning.  We knew it was coming because he has been putting everything he could get his hands on, including his hands, in his mouth and has been slobbering something fierce.  He has also decided to stop sleeping through the night and beginning some of his days around 5:00 to 5:30 A. M.  I guess he’s not going to let Papa get all the attention.  Cole has has a rough week, though.  Along with his tooth, he got a new scratch on his head, his nose, and busted his head on the hardwood floor.  You can’t see his big purple bump on his head that well.  I should have gotten a picture earlier.  These are some “teething Cole” pictures.



And just like Cole not letting Papa get all the attention, Chloe is not letting Cole get all the attention.  When Cole started crying, she did as well.  She’s got to keep up!



Visits with Papa Rod

Chloe and Cole have been very excited to get to visit Papa while he’s in rehab.  The nurses/doctors have been very sweet to let them see Papa.  Every time we tell Chloe we are going to the hospital, she gets so excited.  I think she is the only one who feels that way about the hospital.  Oh….. to be a child!




While Dad was doing PT/OT, we all decided to take a break from the hospital and grab some lunch.  The unusual, cool July fresh air did us some good; however, it sure is strange for us all to be together without Dad.  Eating is something our family does very well, and it’s always a happy, family occasion when we eat together.  Just doesn’t seem right for Dad not to be at the table with us.  Sure does make us miss him!





Family Time

It’s been hard to find some normalcy in our lives lately, but that’s what Mom and Dad have told us to do.  Our minds are constantly on Dad and his illness, but since we’ve been away from our kids for almost a week and a half, we have missed them so much.  They spent the night with us last night, and we had a lazy Sunday morning before getting ready and heading to the hospital.  I know Dad would want us to go about our daily lives with our kids, so I took a couple pics.  Not that my family has not ever been the most important thing in my life, but when something horrible happens, it makes you realize all over again how precious your family is.





This is Chloe’s new facial expression when things don’t go her way.  This is a new look for her.  I guess she’s used to getting her way with her grandparents!  We’re having to de-grandma-tize her.  🙂


Kisses for Cole!



Cole Stats

At Cole’s 9 month check-up, he weighed 17 pounds, 5 ounces and measured 26.75 inches.  He is in the whopping 8th percentile…..  poor little guy!  His doctor, at one time, was concerned about Cole’s growth, but she showed me his growth charts today.  He is steadily growing, but his doctor said he is really small.  I told her he was my little peanut.  She laughed and agreed that we was a little peanut.  Cole’s daddy and I talk that he better be fast because he’s not going to be big.  🙂

At Chloe’s 9 month check-up, she was 17 pounds, 9 ounces and was 27.25 inches.  So, they are still pretty much the same, but I guess it’s just a bigger difference when it is a boy that is small.  Maybe he will hit a growth spurt one day, but I never did.  I was always the smallest.  He may just take after me.