Borrowed Clothes

This is why I get nervous borrowing clothes!  My dear friend, Audrey, has sent me HUGE boxes of baby boy clothes since Cole has been born.  When I mail her box back, she mails me another box full of clothes.  She has been so sweet to do that, and I try to take extra special care of what she sends to me……. but that didn’t work out this day!


Audrey, you will be happy to know that my stain remover along with my scrubbing removed all of this!  Whew!  🙂


1 thought on “Borrowed Clothes

  1. I am a little late checking your blog… I try to keep up! You are so funny. If you don’t stop worrying about stains on the clothes.. I’m not going to send you anymore!!!! Dirty clothes will happen, it’s part of the toddler’s world. Enjoy them and no more scrubbing! I think of you and your dad often…. You are blessed to have so many people in your life that care.

    love ya!

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