Papa’s Out of the Hospital!!

Papa finally got out of the hospital today, and we are all so happy!  After being discharged from rehab, he said he wanted to go to Red Lobster, so we all headed that way.  It was so wonderful having him back at the table with us.



Pappy and Papa Rod don’t look very happy in this next picture, but they really are.  🙂  I think they were focused on Cole.


After lunch, Pappy and Papa Rod went back to A. D.s so Dad could rest.  He took a good nap and came over to our house for a feast.  A dear friend sent us a ton of barbeque with all the fixins/sides, and Aus and Dana fried some of the eggplant and squash they brought from their garden.  It was nice outside, so we all hung out and ate dinner until after the kids were in bed.  It was a great visit, and Dad hung in like a champ.



We really did let Chloe and Cole join us, but this picture could prove otherwise.


Mom and Dad left, the kids were in bed, so Aus, Dana, A. D., Matt and I all hung out together until late in the evening…. or early in the morning, whichever way you want to look at it.  I guess there has been a silver lining behind all this….. we sure are getting to see a lot more of each other lately.  Here’s A. D. and brother-in-law, and I had to post these because for once, they are not arguing!  And, they may have been singing, “Millions of peaches……”




And, I couldn’t resist a pic of the yummy veggies from Austin and Dana’s garden.



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