Borrowed Clothes

This is why I get nervous borrowing clothes!  My dear friend, Audrey, has sent me HUGE boxes of baby boy clothes since Cole has been born.  When I mail her box back, she mails me another box full of clothes.  She has been so sweet to do that, and I try to take extra special care of what she sends to me……. but that didn’t work out this day!


Audrey, you will be happy to know that my stain remover along with my scrubbing removed all of this!  Whew!  🙂

Papa and Cole

We’ve heard this since Cole was born….. that he looks like Papa Rod and/or A. D.  But, A. D. looks so much like Papa Rod, so I guess they are one and the same.  And then again, people often think A. D. and Matt are brothers because they favor so much.  I need to get a picture of all the men with Cole.




Chloe’s First Black Eye

From all the excitment of Papa getting out of the hospital and the whole family being over, it was just too much for Chloe to handle.  It was getting late, and she was tired.  She tripped over something outside and fell face first into the edge of the table.  I know it hurt her, and she cried, but she was pretty tough.  She’s now sporting a black eye, and she’s pretty darn proud of it, too!





Papa’s Out of the Hospital!!

Papa finally got out of the hospital today, and we are all so happy!  After being discharged from rehab, he said he wanted to go to Red Lobster, so we all headed that way.  It was so wonderful having him back at the table with us.



Pappy and Papa Rod don’t look very happy in this next picture, but they really are.  🙂  I think they were focused on Cole.


After lunch, Pappy and Papa Rod went back to A. D.s so Dad could rest.  He took a good nap and came over to our house for a feast.  A dear friend sent us a ton of barbeque with all the fixins/sides, and Aus and Dana fried some of the eggplant and squash they brought from their garden.  It was nice outside, so we all hung out and ate dinner until after the kids were in bed.  It was a great visit, and Dad hung in like a champ.



We really did let Chloe and Cole join us, but this picture could prove otherwise.


Mom and Dad left, the kids were in bed, so Aus, Dana, A. D., Matt and I all hung out together until late in the evening…. or early in the morning, whichever way you want to look at it.  I guess there has been a silver lining behind all this….. we sure are getting to see a lot more of each other lately.  Here’s A. D. and brother-in-law, and I had to post these because for once, they are not arguing!  And, they may have been singing, “Millions of peaches……”




And, I couldn’t resist a pic of the yummy veggies from Austin and Dana’s garden.


Chloe’s First Haircut

We gave Chloe her first haircut today.  She’s never had a haircut, and I suddenly decided it needed cutting.  Matt tried to advise me otherwise because he was afraid I wasn’t thinking straight.  And, he was probably right, but it’s nice to have something else to think about and occupy my mind.  I took off 4 inches of Chloe’s hair.  Here is a before picture.


And the cutting begins…..


It was VERY hard getting Chloe to sit still enough to cut her hair, so we were giving her toys to play with which did no good.  Finally, her daddy had some success by having her make different faces.   The pictures will explain.









Two thumbs up for Chloe’s first haircut!


And here is the final result….. 4 inches shorter!