All Boy…

….. so far that’s what Cole is…. all boy.  We got the slip n slide our again this afternoon, and Cole was awake this time.  He was in the swing watching Chloe play on the slip n slide and was getting restless.  We pulled out a blanket and toys for him so he could play in the yard, but when we got him out of the swing, he went STRAIGHT for the slip n slide.  The water didn’t bother him at all, and I really think he liked/likes it better than Chloe.  He played and played and played until I finally grabbed him to go feed him.  He would crawl up the slide and back down over and over.  When he would get to the bottom, he would stop and play in the water.  I did have to grab him a couple of times when he couldn’t get out of the water, but it didn’t seem to phase him.







After getting the kids to bed, Matt and I started cooking.  We decided to put the kids to bed first so we could eat dinner in peace.  We steamed some mussels, and Mer, I kept thinking of y’all and Rue de Jean while cooking.  Yum, yum, yum!  I think our mussels could compete!  Matt got ahold of the camera and started taking shots.





It’s a Farmer Jason!

Howdy kids!!

The Kizer household loooooooves Farmer Jason, and we took a small road trip to Dickson to see him tonight.  Farmer Jason is a regular on PBS with his catchy tunes that educate.  Every time he comes on tv, Chloe stops what she is doing and starts groovin’.  Matt already knew of Farmer Jason from Jason and the Scorchers.  They were trying to make it big in the late 80’s/early 90’s, and even though they were loved locally, they didn’t make it.  At the time, Jason was sad leaving his 2 preschool girls while touring, so he made them a CD of silly, educational songs to listen to while he was gone.  And from there, Farmer Jason was born.

Farmer Jason played at a fine arts festival tonight in Dickson, so we loaded up and headed out.  It was hot, dry, and dusty but perfect for some tunes with Farmer Jason.


While we were listening to Farmer Jason, Chloe ate, danced, played in the dirt, and ate some more.


Cole was a happy boy!





At this point, Chloe was very hot and very sweaty.  Her straps kept falling down, and yes, that is her booby she’s exposing.




I have never really thought that Cole was going to have cheeks as big as Chloe….. until I took this picture!  So, so, so kissable!


After the show, Farmer Jason signed autographs, took pictures, etc….  He was very sweet and nice to Chloe even though Chloe wanted NOTHING to do with him.  He laughed and thought she was funny because she wanted far, far away him.



And here she is running away from him.


At the end of the night, Chloe was a complete mess.  Her hair was soaked with sweat, her face was covered in dirt, both of her straps were off her shoulders exposing both of her boobies, and she was begging for more food.  The next pictures give you a glimpse.



On the way home (which was a 45 minute drive), there was about a three minute stretch where Chloe sang, “The tractor goes chug, chug, chug,” (lyrics to our favorite Farmer Jason song) over and over and over without ever stopping.  Yep….. delirium setting in.  When she stopped, in her very best Elivs voice, she said, “Thank ya.  Thank ya very much.”  Her Daddy and I were cracking up.

The sun was setting in our rear view mirror on the drive through Lieper’s Fork, and it was so pretty I had Matt pull over so I could get a picture.


Before we got home, we stopped at the liquor store that was not close to our house.  Matt ran in to get some wine, and who was there?  Nannie and Big Poppa!  Funny that we both stopped at the same liquor store that wasn’t close to either of our houses.  Random, but Chloe and Cole were happy to end the day with a quick peep at their grandparents.

Needless to say, neither kid gave us any trouble going to bed tonight.  If only they would sleep late in the morning, but I’m sure Cole will grace us with his presence at 6 A. M.


I guess you could call it a garden.  Looks more like a white trash garden….. many tomato plants in 5 gallon buckets lining our patio.  This is our first year to try growing food, so we’ve been excited about it.  We finally have a few tomatoes starting to grow!



And, our basil looks very yummy!  Pesto time!


Sweet Big Sister

I’ve already written about Cole falling down the stairs leading into the bonus room, and when he did this, Chloe was right there and saw it all happen.  The night it happened she seemed concerned about Cole.  Well, tonight the kids were with their Daddy upstairs heading to the bonus.  Matt put Cole down and Cole was headed straight for the stairs again.  Even though Matt had his eyes on Cole, Chloe got worried.  She was panicked and started telling Daddy to get Cole, not to let him fall down the stairs again and hurt himself.  She continued to panic until Matt picked Cole up and took him down the stairs.  I don’t know why, but it surprised me a little that Chloe was genuinly concerned for Cole.  So sweet.  Pulled at my heartstrings a bit.


Miss Kathy, Miss Sarah, Lucy, and Willa met us at the zoo today, and even though it was very hot, we had a great time.  We saw glimpses of teeny, tiny meltdowns with the older girls, but it was near the end of our visit.  They did so well and enjoyed hanging with each other surrounded by all the animals.


I love Lucy’s expression in this next picture!  Wonder what is going through her head?


The giraffes were so close!



Lucy wanted to feed sticks to the giraffes.


The zebras were really close, too!


This next pic reminds me of the picture we have all seen before.  From where, though????


Really, what’s the point of having a double stroller when neither of your kids want to be in it?  Makes it hard on Momma when she has to push an empty stroller, wear one kid, and either hold onto or not take her eyes off her other kid!


When we got home, we ate lunch and I walked into the living room to find Chloe laying on the couch.  This rarely ever happens, so I know the zoo wore her out!


1 Year

I can’t believe it’s been one year today since we moved into this house.  Time sure does fly!  In the past year, Chloe has turned into a little girl, Cole was born and is now crawling all over the place.  Excited to see what the next year brings!

Chloe Talk

Just wanted to jot down a few things Chloe said today that had us laughing.  Somehow, at breakfast Chloe started talking about elephants, which she pronounces eff-a-lants.  We tried to correct her, but it did no good.

She also has a new love for “pock-a-sick-ul” (popsicles).

At dinner, we had salads.  I made everyone’s salad the same, except I didn’t put black olives on Chloe’s because I thought she wouldn’t like them.  Mistake.  She grabbed an olive off my plate and ate it before I could tell her not too.  She loved it, and she kept asking, “Momma, wut is dah-it?”  (what is that).  And yes, she makes the word “that” a two syllable word.  I told her it was a black olive, so the rest of dinner she asked for an “ov-a-liv.”

And lastly, after dinner I walked into the living room and she was cramming veggie puffs into her mouth and into Cole’s mouth.  I had a big talk with her and told her she could not feed Cole because he was too little.  I told her when she got bigger she could feed Cole.  She got so excited, started jumping up and down and yelling, “When I get bigger, when I get bigger (stuttering from excitement), when I get bigger, I can whistllllllllllle!!!” (whistle).