Chloe’s Masterpiece

After a slow morning, Chloe, Cole, and I ventured to Lowe’s.  I had some things to get for the house, and I finally got around to getting my spring flowers.  It’s much later in the year than I have ever planted flowers, but I have two kids that take up most of time.  Regardless, we went flower shopping today, and I let Chloe pick out the flowers she wanted to plant.  It was very hot, and we were all sweaty because it took us both a while to make up our minds.  Thankfully, Cole slept almost the entire time.  We got all our flowers, paid, and loaded up the car only to realize I forgot the main ingredient…..potting soil.  I’ll blame that on “mom brain” I guess.  So, we all got back in the shopping cart and headed back in to buy soil.  When we got back in the car, I felt like I had gotten a workout.  I sighed when I sat down to put my seatbelt on, and Chloe again said, “Mommy, it is so hot today.”  Yes, it was!

We had lunch when we got home, and I promised Chloe we would plant her flowers after nap, so when she awoke, she was saying, “Pet flow-uz?” (plant flowers).  So we put on our old clothes and got to work.  Her favorite part was using the “shovel.”






And here it is…….Chloe’s masterpiece.  She has good taste, huh?


After all the flowers were planted, we talked about how flowers needed water to grow.  We watered them thoroughly, and Chloe enjoyed playing in the water.  When I would turn my back, Chloe would break the flowers off to sniff, and many flowers were missing after these pics were taken.  She just didn’t get that the flowers need to stay on the stems, but looking through her eyes….. what good are flowers if you can’t hold them and smell them?


Toe Suckers

I caught Cole sucking his toes again today and was able to capture it.  They must taste good!  I thought at one point he was going to get all 5 toes in his mouth.  Disregard the green peas and sweet potatoes all over him.



Now, here are the pictures I took of Chloe when she would suck her toes.  She was 5 months in these pics.



Can you tell they are siblings?  It’s funny to think back on Chloe being the size/age of Cole.  It goes so fast.

If you look really close at this next picture, you can see Cole’s two new teeth.  Again, ignore the food all over his face.


And, I just added the next picture because I thought it was sweet.   A big smile, lots of squishy, kissable skin, and baby fingers and feet.  I can’t think of anything better than a happy Cole….. except a happy Chloe and Cole!


Movin’ and Groovin’

For a while Cole has been able get where he wants to go by rolling.  Now he is getting to his destination by scooting/hopping/swmming/crawling?????  I’m not really sure what you call this, but everyday he is getting closer to taking off.  He’s now putting his hands in front of the other while on his knees.  I caught this moment on video.

Chloe wakes up talking and goes to bed talking.  She never stops.  We went to the grocery store today, and I got everyone in the car to head back home, and she said, “Momma, it is so hot today!”  And she was right, but it shocked me that she said a complete sentence, with correct grammar, in the right context, and her pronunciation was clear as could be.

After nap, I went into Chloe’s room to get her out of bed.  I had been cleaning, so I had my arms full of thing to put in her drawers.  I handed her a doll that she usually sleeps with, and she said, “Thanks, Mommy!  I love it!” while she hugged the doll.  It was as if she had never seen the doll before.  Drama queen.

Good People

John, Sarah, and Maddie Mae are visiting from Vermont this week, so we headed to Mr. Steve and Miss Kathy’s to have dinner with everyone.  They treated us with yummy food, and we all hung out while the kids/babies played.  It was so good to see everyone and meet Madeleine.  She is a beauty and has the sweetest smile.  She even posed for the camera.  She and Cole seem to be about the same size, and I almost think Maddie could be bigger even though she is 7 weeks younger.  It was fun watching them together.  They definitely noticed each other, watched each other, and slobbered on each other’s toys.   Chloe said Maddie was sweet and gave her a big hug.


Maddie hugged back.


We sat Maddie and Cole beside each other to take a picture, but as soon as we let go, they fell over into each other.  Too cute.



Do you think we have some teething babies?


All smiles……. and how times have changed.  Seems funny to have pictures with old friends that include babies…… of our own.  I love the way Maddie and Cole are looking at each other in this picture.


More smiles….. and I don’t know what Chloe is doing in the corner.


Cole is still a little under the weather with his teeth and was a bit fussy, but he hung in there.  Chloe was a good girl for the most part, but we started losing her as the clock inched toward 8:00 and we knew it was time to go.  We loved seeing the Stroup family, and hopefully we won’t go that long before we see them again.

Memorial Day Week

We are back from a long trip, and I’ll try to fill in as best as possible.  We left home last Sunday and have just gotten home today.  Last Sunday we headed to Pappy and Papa’s house and hung out there for most of the week.  We got to see Uncle Au-tin (Austin) and Danie (soon to be Aunt Dana) a few times, and Chloe always loves hanging with them.  Cole will soon love seeing them, too.



We went to Uncle Aus’s pond every day to feed the fish, and I think that was Chloe’s favorite thing to do.  She begs to feed the fish, and I told Austin at the end of the week that I didn’t think he would have to feed his fish for a while!





B-Bob even met us at the pond one day to feed the fish.



We also got to see Granny and Grandan while we were visiting, but sadly, I didn’t get any pictures of them.  I hate that I didn’t have my camera with me.  Granny was confused and asked me how many kids this would make for me, and later she asked me when my baby was due.  YIKES!  🙂 

Cole had a big week.  He’s not completely crawling….. yet, but he is so close.  So close.  He had his first tooth pop through, and the next day he had his second tooth pop through.  He wasn’t feeling himself, and his teeth made him grumpy, uncomfortable, and gave him a slight fever.  He did start holding his bottle by himself for short periods of time, and he took his first bath in the big tub…..and his first bath with Chloe.  She made sure he was rinsed clean of soap.  She loved pouring water on Cole, and he loved it, too.




We did get to have a picnic with Aunt Kim and Lily at the park, but we were sad because Macy had to miss out.  She was at school.  Isn’t this a great picture of Lily?  Such a sweetie!



We left Thursday and headed to the lake.  Before we left, Uncle Aus called and said we needed to take Chloe to his pond.  We took her by there on our way out, and there were two adult female geese swimming on the pond with four baby geese.  They were very sweet and so cute, but they must have been scared of us because they stayed away.  And, I have not studied up on my new camera lens (shame on me) enough to get some good, close up shots of these babies.


Finally, we made it to the LAKE!  Pappy even had a new table and chair for Chloe to eat on outside.  Talk about a patio view!  Doesn’t get much better than that.



Cole’s teeth were hurting him while we were there, and this picture pretty much sums him up.


Pappy had Chloe some cool, new shades for the water, and for some reason she will only wear them upside down.  We keep trying to show her how to wear them, but she refuses to wear them correctly.


We ended up at the state park Friday to let Chloe play at the park, and we saw more baby geese.  There were a ton of them!


Here are some pics of our lazy mornings (and entertainment) at the lake house.  Good times!




Cole had his first boat ride while we were there.  He did okay, but he was a bit uncomfortable in his life jacket, and I can’t say I much blame him.  I don’t think I would be comfortable wearing a life jacket that was as big as me either.  He’s just going to have to get used to it, though, because it’s not coming off.  Chloe didn’t like wearing it when she was a baby either, but we kept it on her.  She now has a Dora life jacket that she wore the entire time, and it didn’t bother her a bit.  She never complained. 



Can you tell we are a family of Vol fans?????




We tried to meet up with the Ross family and the Glass family the entire visit, but it just didn’t happen.  The weather did not cooperate like we wanted it to, but hopefully it will work out next time.  We have all summer, right?  The Glass family did make it over for a little while today, and all the girls got to play.  Chloe had a blast. 

Mom, or Pappy, had 3 goals for my kids this weekend.  1.  Cole will crawl.  2.  Chloe will stop sucking her thumb.  and 3.  Chloe will be potty trained.  Well, I don’t guess one out of three is bad.  Chloe stopped sucking her thumb!!!!!  Aunt Kim gave us something to put on Chloe’s thumb, and I don’t know if it is FDA approved, but it worked!  We had already bought some polish from Wal Mart and CVS, but Chloe just sucked it right off.  It did nothing.  Well, Kim passed along this polish that worked for Lily, so we decided to try it.  Mom and I put it on our thumbs to try out as well.  All I have to say is….YUCK, YUCK, YUCK, YUCK, YUCK!  It was the worst tasting stuff I have ever put in my mouth, and it lingered.  When Mom and I went to bed the night we tried it, the taste was still in the back of our throat.  Poor Chloe.  I really felt sorry for her.  She wasn’t quite sure what had happened, and she had the worst look on her face.  She kept asking for juice and would look at her thumb and say, “Yucky thumb!”  This was Thursday night, and she still hasn’t sucked her thumb….which is a record.  She sucked her thumb all the time, so for her to go that long is a huge feat.  We’re keeping our fingers crossed it continues!

We never really made any progress with the potty training.  I think Chloe is scared of the big potty.  Matt and I went out on the boat all day Saturday with Uncle D, so Pappy, Papa and all the other guests kept the kids for us.  While we were gone, Chloe pooped in her diaper, and Pappy told her, “You know better than that!”  So now, every time Chloe poops or pees in her diaper, instead of telling us she needs to go, she waits until after she goes and comes up to us and says, “Eww know betta an da-at.” (You know better than that).  I’m afraid to push it with her, but I think she knows better (obviously….. she tells us she knows better), but she’s scared. 

We got home today, and as we were getting close to our house, she was saying, “Almost home!  Chloe’s house!  Franklin house!”  Then, when we got home she repeated over and over and over and over….. “Daddy!  Where we are?  Where we are?”  It’s so long since we have been here, I don’t think she knew what to do.  That wore off, though, and she was excited.  We went out for Mexican, and of course, both kids were extra crazy.  We got home and played on the swing set and in the yard a while before baths and bedtime.  While tucking Chloe in, she said she liked her room and was happy to be home.  I think we all are!

And, I know I left out a ton of things from the week, but that’s just what happens when Pappy and Papa don’t have internet service at the lake house (wink, wink, Pappy and Papa!).  🙂

Cole has a Tooth!!!

The title says it all! Cole’s first tooth popped through today. He’s growing up! Chloe got her first tooth at 8 months, so Cole is a little ahead of her.

We’ve been out of town all week, and we have some good pics of the fun stuff we’ve been doing. I’ll post more details and pics next week when we get back in town. Just wanted to give a quick post to the new tooth.

Look at that Shine!

If you know me well, or know me at all, you know cleaning is not my thing.  I hate doing it, and I’m not good at it.  While growing up, I don’t remember my mom and I butting heads much, but cleaning my room was the one battle we consistently had (she may remember differently, though).  She finally made the rule that I could not go out unless my room was clean, so on Friday afternoons, my friends would come over and help me clean my room so I could go out.

I hate cleaning.  It is the first thing to go on my list if I’m running short on time, especially if it means more time hanging out with my husband/kids/family/friends.  Last week I had someone coming over to pick up an order.  She asked if she could come in and use my bathroom.  I was embarrassed for her to see my house, and when she left, I had someone else coming over in 45 minutes to pick up another order.  I quickly straightened up as fast as I could.  I know my life would be a lot easier if I could keep up with cleaning and stay on top of it, but for some reason, I just can’t.  I just can’t do it.  I hate cleaning.

Well, today Matt was gone playing in a golf tournament all day.  It was too wet and rainy to play outside, so I turned the t.v. on and put Chloe in front of it while Cole napped.  I had had enough of my feet sticking to the kitchen floor, and I couldn’t remember the last time I mopped.  Sooooo, I got on my hands and knees and hand scrubbed the entire kitchen floor.  That alone took over an hour, but then I mopped the floor.  I think it’s the cleanest I’ve ever seen it. 


Do you see the reflection of the fridge on the floor?  You could eat off that floor it’s so clean!  It stayed clean all day until after dinner.  Then, it was covered in the carrots I spilled when feeding Cole, covered in the carrots and green beans Cole spit out, and covered in the macaroni and peas Chloe dropped.  It was good while it lasted, and I think my mom would be proud nonetheless.