Pappy, Papa, and Uncle D’s Marathon

We had a BIG weekend!  Pappy and Papa came in town Friday afternoon to see the kids and to see Uncle D run his marathon.  Friday we played outside and went to dinner.  Uncle D didn’t join us because he was carbing up at a pasta dinner.  Saturday morning Matt and Papa left early to see Uncle D run.  They saw him twice and met up with him at the finish line.  Mom, or Pappy, and I got the kids ready and met everyone downtown.  Uncle D wanted to shower and rest for a sec after his run, so we all went to the Country Music Hall of Fame to waste some time.  Papa and Chloe were able to play the banjo, and while they were playing, Chloe kept singing, “Oh, Susannah” and repeated “a banjo on my knee!”



Doesn’t she look like a natural?  After Chloe’s country music debut, we headed to Uncle D’s favorite place in the world to celebrate……Robert’s!  Chloe walked the entire way there and pointed out the sights to Pappy and Papa.



Uncle D made it to Robert’s and showed us his “souvenir” from the marathon.  Ewwwwww…..


At Robert’s we all celebrated Uncle D’s finish, and it was Chloe and Cole’s first time honky tonkin’.  They both enjoyed it a little too much…… let’s hope that’s not a sign of things to come!  Cole was enthralled with Daddy’s beer.  Hmmmm…. starting this early, he may end up liking beer as much as his Daddy and Uncle D!  Chloe danced and danced and danced and danced.  Papa even said, “That girl is gonna give you problems later.”







Chloe eventually began crawling around on the dance floor, so we knew lunch time was over.  She was on her last leg, so we packed up, headed home, and made it just in time for nap. 



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