Mommy’s Mascara

Today was my big day that I’ve been looking forward to for over a month….. I was getting a haircut and covering up the gray!  Since having Cole and losing a large majority of my hair, I decided it was time to cut the hair off to cover the bald spots.  I was running around trying to get ready for Matt to babysit and had already gotten Cole to sleep.  Chloe was in the bonus playing, and I ran downstairs to do some things.  I did notice the house was strangely quiet but kept on working.  Still…. the house continued to remain strangely quiet, so I went upstairs to find Chloe in my make up drawer.



After cleaning the mascara out of Chloe’s hair, face, and hands and cleaning mascara off the bathroom counter, floor, and chair, I left to get my hair chopped.  When I got back, Matt said it was complete and utter chaos while I was gone…… hee hee.  I noticed all the blankets were gone and so was the high chair cover.  Matt said Cole had a massive poop, and Matt ended up having to wash the blankets, the high chair cover, the changing pad cover, the lap pad on the changing pad cover, and Cole’s clothes.  I still can’t figure out how that one poop infested so many things upstairs and downstairs.  Ha.  Matt said while all this was going on, Cole got ahold of Chloe’s coloring pad.  Of course, it went straight in his mouth, and when Chloe saw this, she grabbed it from him and said, “No Cole!  No break it!  No break it, Cole!” 

When I walked into the house, though, it was nice and quiet and all kids were asleep.  When Chloe awoke, she kept looking at me, pointing at me, smiling and saying, “Momma.  Momma.”  I don’t think she quite knew what to think of my new do.  She even said, “Mommy, no more ponytail.”  She’s right.  It’s sad when you don’t fix your hair often enough that your 2 yr. old daughter notices when you don’t have a ponytail, and actually, I’m wondering how I’m going to find the time everyday to “fix” my hair….minus the ponytail.


2 thoughts on “Mommy’s Mascara

  1. I can’t wait to see what happens when I leave Derrick with Hannah and Hunter for the first time. We do need to see a picture of the new you. I am in desperate need of a haircut myself. I am also finding a few too many gray hairs. I am loving your blog.

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