We traveled to Knoxville Thursday to drop the kids off with Nannie and Big Poppa, and they kept Chloe and Cole for the weekend.  I think Nannie and Big Poppa had a good time, and I know Chloe and Cole did.  They didn’t make it to the Orange and White game, but they did get to sport their game day gear around Knoxville. 

Matt and I acted like husband and wife instead of Mommy and Daddy for the weekend, and it was wonderful.  We had so much fun with Carrie and Ryan, and boy….. times have changed!  Carrie was the DD instead of me!  We stayed in Friday night while Ryan cooked for us.  Fred and Abby came over and ate with us, and we all chatted, mostly about baby “stuff.”  We saw glimpses of Ted and Kenny/Pat (what’s it gonna be?), and by the end of the night, it was all Ted and Kenny/Pat.

Saturday, Carrie had her shower, and it was great seeing girls I hadn’t seen in years.  Carrie got lots of cute, cute baby things, and it looks like it’s almost baby time!  Layla’s room is so cute, and she must be getting big because Carrie’s belly is growing, growing!  I’m so disappointed…… I could kick myself….. but I completely forgot to take pictures.  I cannot believe I didn’t get a profile picture of Carrie!  Ughhh.  Someone did take a couple of pics at the shower with my camera.



Sunday morning we headed out after we completely wore Carrie out.  When saying our good byes, we told them we would be back next to meet Layla!  Ahhhh!  Cannot wait!

We met Nannie and Big Poppa in Chattanooga to pick up Chloe and Cole.  When Chloe saw us, she ran to us and hugged and kissed us shouting, “Momma and Daddy!”  She did that for a really long time, and she showered us with hugs and kisses for a while.  She sat down in my lap and I told her it was so good to see her.  She patted me on the back and said, “So good to see you.”  🙂  Makes going home to them that much better!

When we got back home, we called Uncle D and he met us for a sushi dinner.  Chloe was given some “training” chopsticks, and she was determined to use them.  We all told her she could use her hands/fingers, but she would have none of it.  We ordered edamame, and we pulled the beans out of the pod for her to eat.  She would use her chopsticks to pick them up, get one in her mouth, and say, “Mmmmm.  That good bean!  Very good!”  Once she realized how much she liked edamame,  she put the chopsticks down and used her fingers.  Poor Uncle D sat by Chloe, and I think she wore him out.  She was in Chloe mode and needed constant supervision.  By the end of dinner, her shoes were in the floor, her bow was in the floor, most of the sugar packets on the table were on the floor, the chopsticks, forks, and knives were on the floor, and much of her food was on the floor.  I hope Matt left a good tip.


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