And the week begins….

We are tired….. very, very tired.  I guess the weekend caught up with us today because we had a hard time getting out of our big, warm, comfy bed this morning.  We did manage, though, because I had to go enroll Chloe and Cole in Mother’s Day Out for the fall.  It was much harder than I thought it was going to be to find a MDO with no waiting list and that would accept both kids.  I did find one, and we have a couple of friends that go there, so I hope we will enjoy it.  Mama needs a break!

Nothing else out of the ordinary today, but I just caught a couple of moments that were too good to miss.  After dinner, I was changing clothes and went to go get Cole ready for bed.  This is what I found when I went in his room, and I love that NO one is wearing a shirt!


After the book was read 2 or 3 times, it was time to get Cole ready for bed.  I put him on the floor, took off his diaper (not knowing it was dirty), and gasped rather loudly when I noticed it was full.  Chloe heard me gasp, looked at all the poop in Cole’s diaper, and said, “Oh my gosh!  Gosh!  My gosh!”  I wish I could write the way she says this, but it wouldn’t do it justice.  Matt and I try to contain our laughter, but she’s too much.  And, I know we are just making her say it more, and say it more dramatic, when we laugh. 

After cleaning Cole, I grabbed a fresh, clean diaper, and the picture below shows what he does while trying to change his diaper.  He will not lay still.  He is constantly on the move, and it’s hard to get a diaper on him correctly.  I usually have to roll him over and readjust it a couple of times.  Sorry, Cole.  I know this is one you will wish would go away in about 10 years, but I looooove the rolls.  Reminds me of the Michelin tire man.



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